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The forecast will contain the predicted  chart of Nifty movement for the day.  Nifty is predicted to follow  it  with relation to the time as on horizontal axis. The predicted chart is  timed every 15 minutes i.e the value of Nifty is predicted after every 7.5 minutes interval of time. In best case scenario ,the movement of Nifty will be exactly as the predicted chart but in order to time the Nifty movement on should keep  various other factor  in mind,as follows :

  • The upward and downward movement in predicted chart may not exactly match but may either get delayed or preponed.
  • The  Nifty values as predicted in the chart may either be over valued or undervalued.
  • The variation in closing values of Nifty may differ but the pattern may remain same ,thereby indicating a gap between predicted and actual , which may remain constant . The actual Nifty movement has to be watched continuously during the day viz- a- viz predicted graph  and one has to ascertain whether the pattern as predicted is follwed or not and then if follwed generally what's the difference in values btween predicted and actual and one can calculate predicted closing value fairly well !.
  • The "sudden drops" and "rise" must be seen carefully and accordingly suitable stop losses must be put and advances should be done with "trailing stop lossess" in strong bullish or bearish phases.
  • One may take positions as per the low and high points of actual Nifty movements.
  • If the chart fails at certain point of time or completely reverse ( though rarely ) may indicate  immediate trend in the next day or two.
  • Now trace the Nifty and ride on it to earn maximum on the day... u r also welcome on sabkabhala facebook blogspot and twitter for sharing ideas on life..luv..belief...running..giving..and living a full life ..a better one !!

This is the only site which provides the graphical movement of Nifty with respect to Time... All The Best !



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